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Вітаємо Вас як нового учасника україномовного розділу Вікіпедії. Сподіваємось на плідну співпрацю з Вами над спільним відкритим проектом.

Зверніть увагу на наріжні принципи участі: сміливо редагуйте, а в конфліктних ситуаціях, якщо такі виникнуть, завжди розраховуйте на добрі наміри опонента.

Можете скористатися шпаргалкою, якщо Ви ще не знайомі з основами вікірозмітки.

Якщо виникли запитання щодо проекту або потрібні якісь підказки, пошукайте відповідь на сторінці Довідки. Якщо відповіді на Ваше питання там немає, поставте його у нашій Кнайпі чи комусь із постійних дописувачів.

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На сторінках обговорень бажано ставити автоматичний підпис за допомогою чотирьох тильд (~~~~) або за допомогою позначки підпису у вікні редагування (зображено на малюнку). У статтях, написаних або редагованих Вами, підпис не ставиться.

Ви також можете розповісти про свої інтереси на сторінці інтересів користувачів. Якщо у Вас виникнуть додаткові питання, можете звернутися за порадою до будь-якого користувача з цієї категорії.

Бажаємо успіхів та якнайбільше творчого задоволення!

    Irrespective of your language skills, you are welcome to create your own user page, add interwiki links, upload images, correct data, discuss problems, communicate & cooperate with the community. Please, use language templates from Вікіпедія:Вавилон or create your own ones. You can ask for our help on the Community Portal (help).
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--Baseобговореннявнесок 12:35, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

Thanks! :D Jafeluv (обговорення) 12:56, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)


Copied from Meta. Jafeluv (обговорення) 19:09, 16 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

hello) please excuse me for bothering you with some trifling trifles. but. i've seen your File:Parus and Continental.jpg edit, and then (quite naturally) happened across your sandbox. aren't you supposed to have an autoreviewrestore right? or smth like that. or maybe we are supposed to give you an autoreview user flag locally? 'coz it will help. us. greatly. and one more question - you've placed File:Order of the "Iron Cross" (the UPR).jpg as a problematic one. why exactly? i've discussed the file a while ago, so i am really curious to hear more thoughts concerning it :) --antanana 18:38, 16 October 2012 (UTC)

Probably best to discuss here :) Sorry about the redirect thing. Anyway, I think I have the autoreviewrestore right as a global rollbacker, but if I understand correctly it only works with rollback, not with regular undo. I hate to make extra work for patrollers, but those edits clearly needed an edit summary... :/ Jafeluv (обговорення) 19:09, 16 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
it's okay. i was actually wondering where to post, and following the link just felt a bit closer to being polite ;) i have asked several users already if this right comes along with global rollbacking, but no one was able to tell me yes/no for sure. have you tried rollbacking here already? i would like to find out, but it seems that the easier way is actually to watch you rollback on a patrolled page… --antanana 03:05, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
I think I've used rollback here a couple of times (e.g. [1][2]), but if you want to be sure there are plenty of examples here :) You can also view the actual configuration of the group's permissions on this page. Jafeluv (обговорення) 06:56, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
cool, thanks. it seems ok, as «автоматичне позначення редагувань патрульованими (autopatrol)» is checked ;) but then i do not quite understand why yakudza had to patroll after your edit manually:
* (поточн. • ост.) 21:21, 16 жовтня 2012‎ Jafeluv (обговорення • внесок)‎ . . (69 981 байт) (+12)‎ . . (commons image)
(скасувати) [перевірена користувачем Yakudza]
* (поточн. • ост.) 10:19, 17 жовтня 2012‎ Jafeluv (обговорення • внесок)‎ . . (69 969 байтів) (-12)‎ . . (rv to local; {{NoCommons}})
(відкинути 2 редагування • скасувати) [очікує на перевірку]

here. may i ask you to make an edit here Мадонна біля сходів (anything at all)? sorry for being so persistent. just can't help it) --antanana 08:42, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

Yeah I think that's a different thing... Autopatrol is used for example in Commons which uses the old patrol system and not Flagged Revisions. I think the equivalent right for Flagged Revisions is "autoreviewed". The terminology is not the clearest possible. Jafeluv (обговорення) 09:59, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
yeah, it seems this one should be checked: «автоматичне позначення версій сторінок як перевірених (autoreview)»… i am back to my first idea about granting you an autoreview user flag locally ;) d'you believe it is okay? or am i to ask for more information about it? as i AM interested in having your edits autopatrolled/autoreviewed --antanana 11:52, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
No problem, it looks like you have a local flag for the purpose. I can make a request for that. Jafeluv (обговорення) 12:44, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
that would be great) applications are to be put here Вікіпедія:Заявки на статус патрульного. shall i help you? --antanana 13:00, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
Posted there. Hopefully I did it right :) Jafeluv (обговорення) 13:15, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
yeah, looks cool)) thanks a lot! --antanana 13:30, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
As for the Iron Cross flag, I listed it in the problematic ones because the images have a different author listed, so it needs to be figured out first who the actual author is... In any case, the organization in my sandbox was made by just a quick glance and there are probably files there that are not actually problematic at all when one takes a closer look. Jafeluv (обговорення) 19:09, 16 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
oh, i see. there is one more commons file File:Band to Iron Cross UPR.png. it seems that Geliba was the one that made Iron Cross flag, though. timing says (the russian article was created in 2012), i believe --antanana 03:05, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
I've nominated the Parus image for deletion on Commons, by the way. It might be deleted or kept, depending on how much copyrightable architecture people feel is involved -- in any case, it was probably wrong of me to replace usages of the local file in that case. Jafeluv (обговорення) 19:09, 16 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
yeah, you were right to undo the replacement. i am almost certain it will be deleted there… this NoFoP thing pains a lot, and we just keep such files here marked as {{NoCommons|nofop}}. or {{KeepLocal}}. and try not to move to commons, or, if moved/uploaded already, just keep a local copy :(( --antanana 03:05, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
I'll try to remember that. It would have been pretty bad to replace all local uses of the image with the Commons and then have a bot remove all references once the file is deleted on Commons. By the way, should the local file have a non-free use tag if the architecture is still under copyright? Jafeluv (обговорення) 06:56, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
a tricky question you've asked) formally, yes, as they are to be treated as non-free images. and the right way to do is to change {{NoCommons|nofop}} to {{fairuse in}}, add a non-free use rationale, upload a file in a lower resolution over the existing one... and to chose one or two articles for the file to be used in, removing the pictures from the lists, templates, user's page and so on and so forth. and here comes BUTs: our NoFoP seems to exist only in wikipedia. it's quite a challenge to find a sound Ukrainian aware, that (s)he can violate the law by taking picture of a newly erected building, say, in the downtown. or in any other public place. it just doesn't work this way in our country (be it our authorities, people, or even artists themselves). it just doesn't make any sense... and yet it exists in black and white. to adjust all the files already uploaded would take a lot of time and efforts. and nerves, as the community is not that willing to accept it :) and there is always some hope that the amendments to the law will be made quicker... than all the files here sorted out. so at the moment i am tagging all the NoFoP files i come across with a NoFoP tag, monitor the new downloads and explain users what is this NoFoP thing anyway. on the spot. to raise awareness, so to say   --antanana 08:42, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
I understand. The lack of FOP makes for a lot of extra work, and I imagine not many photographers consider the fact that they may not be able to release their own photos if there is copyrighted architecture involved. (Especially since in many countries it would be completely ok to release such photos.) In Finland we at least have FOP for buildings (although not for artwork), which makes handling photos a bit simpler... Raising awareness is always good, although I'm sure it gets tedious explaining the same thing over and over to different people. Jafeluv (обговорення) 10:17, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
a bit) but i am stubborn enough for this kind of activity… and at the moment that's the only way around i can see that will not nullify all the work done before, but allows me to move forward) even if slowly. really slowly ;) --antanana 11:52, 17 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

the autoreview flag…Редагувати

you have ;) and i am really really happy about it. do keep making our project better. thanks --antanana 12:05, 23 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

Thanks! I'll try not to break stuff :P And congratulations on your recent promotion, by the way. Jafeluv (обговорення) 12:30, 23 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
thank you) it is really recent, but already seems to be long ago^^ --antanana 13:24, 23 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

Файл:Могила Петра Косача.jpgРедагувати

hello. i am not sure of deleting this one, as it is written here, that it was established only in 1971. a mistake, i believe, but still… so i am just keeping it for the time being. to check with the documents ;) --antanana 05:30, 24 жовтня 2012 (UTC)

Ok. I think that a person's name and year of birth/death written in a certain font probably wouldn't be copyrightable in the first place, but there's no harm in playing it safe. Jafeluv (обговорення) 10:34, 24 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
hello! it was the year of the document, so that's ok --antanana 16:32, 31 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
…and thanks for your work!
i am really happy to have someone like you contributing to our project ;)
do have fun while doing it, 'coz that matters, i believe
and do keep doing it ;))) --antanana 16:32, 31 жовтня 2012 (UTC)
Hehe, thanks! Glad to help. Jafeluv (обговорення) 09:28, 1 листопада 2012 (UTC)

nofop filesРедагувати

hi! sorry to bother. you are very profound in your work, i would say. at least adding the description in Ukrainian to the commons pages is really nice of you (and bothersome, i believe). thanks;) just in case ('coz i am only a human being, so unfortunately cannot take into account everything) i would highly appreciate if you kindly notify me that there is a commons file with NoFoP you have happened across there, that has no local copy kept here. so i can download/upload it (or redo the deletion here, if that was the case). really sorry for all the trouble… --あんたなな 00:22, 5 листопада 2012 (UTC)

Hi! Sure, no problem. Went through my recent DRs and it seems 4 of the files deleted at commons:Commons:Deletion requests/File:Donetsk train station.jpg were in use here: [3], [4]. I'll try to upload them locally when I get home. Will keep you posted if I run into a similar situation in the future... Jafeluv (обговорення) 07:17, 5 листопада 2012 (UTC)
thanks for your understanding. and sorry for all the troubles caused by such a request… --アンタナナ 23:54, 5 листопада 2012 (UTC)
Reuploaded these: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Looks like the others already existed locally here. Jafeluv (обговорення) 21:38, 5 листопада 2012 (UTC)
oh, thank you VERY MUCH! glad you could «save» them ;) --アンタナナ 23:54, 5 листопада 2012 (UTC)

Свято Троїцький монастир 2.jpgРедагувати

Добрый вечер!
Согласен с Вами, что нужно использовать везде один снимок Свято Троїцький монастир 2.jpg g (два совмещенных снимка). Я бы удалил два других изображения, но не знаю, как это сделать. Если Вы знаете, как это сделать, то, пожалуйста, удалите.Ejensyd (обговорення) 18:19, 20 грудня 2012 (UTC)

Спасибо за ответ и за совет.Ejensyd (обговорення) 20:57, 20 грудня 2012 (UTC)

Commons:Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Election posters in UkraineРедагувати

hello! sorry to trouble you again. please, could you look here and reupload File:HPIM6011-nicaan-041223.JPG at least locally? that's the only image of 2004 orange revolution election poster we have (ok, had). NickK believes that it does not meet the threshold of originality. what'd you think about it? --アンタナナ 00:11, 23 січня 2013 (UTC)

Done. Take a look at the description page and check that everything is in order -- I'm not sure of the source as the file was uploaded by a bot that's not operated by the author. Looks like the file was used on this page. To me the poster clearly meets the threshold of originality, although I'm not sure how to tell exactly how high the threshold is in Ukraine since there's no entry at COM:TOO... Jafeluv (обговорення) 13:45, 23 січня 2013 (UTC)


hello there! excuse me, please, got a question: why have you put nofop template here ред.№ 11798207? the church seems to be old enough. some buildings were destroyed, but they were rebuilt in the 19th century. is there anything amiss here? --アンタナナ 11:24, 10 червня 2013 (UTC)

Hi! Hmm, that must have been a mistake. The architect who was responsible for the reconstruction seems to have died in 1833, so it's certainly old enough to be PD. Jafeluv (обговорення) 13:24, 10 червня 2013 (UTC)

Вікіпедія:Проект:Тематичний тиждень/Місяць фантастичних творів тощоРедагувати

Вітаю @Jafeluv:, запрошую вас до участі у вересні (за 2 тижні) у Вікіпедія:Проект:Тематичний тиждень/Місяць фантастичних творів та пропоную зареєструватися.--Yasnodark (обговорення) 12:05, 19 серпня 2016 (UTC)