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Hello. I wanted to ask why do you consider   to be better than   for Шаблон:USSR-bio-stub and Шаблон:USSR-stub? (I don't oppose, I just want to head your reasoning; does it mean that it is commonly preferred not to have a jigsaw puzzle in a stub template icon?) Thanks. Sasha1024 (обговорення) 17:40, 27 квітня 2020 (UTC)

@Sasha1024: Hi. I don't have a strong preference one way or another. There are plenty of other stub templates that don't have a jigsaw puzzle either: e.g. Шаблон:URSR-stub, Шаблон:Yugoslavia-stub. So that's why I originally replaced it: with this not being an important consideration, I just chose the current icon as it's a better SVG version of the USSR coat of arms. Cherkash (обговорення) 22:35, 27 квітня 2020 (UTC)