{{color strip|color1|color2|...|color20}}

{{i}} Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]


Це шаблон {{color strip}} .

Він створює кольорову стрічку з кільквстю до 20 кольорів.

This template takes one or more parameters. The first twenty unnamed parameters are the names or color codes for the colors displayed in the resulting color strip.


Code to the left and actual rendering to the right:

{{color strip|red|green|blue}} =    
{{color strip|w=2|red|red|green|blue|green|red|red}} =        
{{color strip|align=top|border=1|border-color=black|border-style=solid|w=2|h=2|red|green|blue}} =    
{{color strip|align=top|border=2|border-color=black|border-style=dotted|w=5|h=5|red|green|blue}} =    


  • w is the width in em units.
  • h is the height in ex units.
  • border is the border thickness in px units.
  • border-color is the border color.
  • border-style is the border style: none, hidden, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset.
  • align is the vertical alignment: top, bottom, center.
  • frame is the frame thickness in px units.

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