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{{Football manager history}} is designed to be used within manager history templates (typically placed at the bottom of a managers page) in order to make editing and standardisation easier. If you want to use this template first set up a new template for the manager history, typically called something like Template:(team name) managers. It is intended to replace succession boxes within a page. To see the discussion within WP:FOOTY that led to its implementation, follow this link.


{{Футбольні тренери
 |list =
 |below =


{{Футбольні тренери
|назва=Тренери футбольного клубу Астон Вілла
|назва_команди=Астон Вілла
|list =<div>
{{Football manager list entry|name=[[George Ramsay|Ramsay]]|from=1884|to=26}}
{{Football manager list entry|name=[[W. J. Smith|Smith]]|from=1926|to=34}}
{{Football manager list entry|name=[[Jimmy McMullan|McMullan]]|from=1934|to=35}}
{{Football manager list entry|name=[[Jimmy Hogan|Hogan]]|from=1936|to=39}}
{{Football manager list entry|name=[[Alex Massie|Massie]]|from=1945|to=50}}
{{Football manager last|name=[[Martin O'Neill|O'Neill]]|from=2006}}


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