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* [[U2]] (8) — [[Pride (In the Name of Love)]]; [[Where The Streets Have No Name]]; [[One Tree Hill (песня)|One Tree Hill]]; [[Desire (песня U2)|Desire]]; [[Angel of Harlem]]; [[The Fly (песня U2)|The Fly]]; [[Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me]]; [[Discothèque (песня)|Discothèque]]
* [[Bee Gees]] (7) — [[Spicks and Specks (песня)|Spicks and Specks]]; [[Massachusetts (песня Bee Gees)|Massachusetts]]; [[I Started A Joke]]; [[Don't Forget to Remember]]; [[Stayin' Alive]]; [[Too Much Heaven]]; [[Tragedy (песня)|Tragedy]]
* [[МерайяМерая Кері]] (7) — [[Vision of Love]]; «I’ll Be There»; «Without You»; [[Endless Love (песня)|Endless Love]]; [[Fantasy (Mariah Carey song)|Fantasy]]; [[One Sweet Day]] <small> (с [[Boyz II Men]])</small>; [[Heartbreaker (Mariah Carey song)|Heartbreaker]]<small> (с [[Jay-Z]])</small>
* [[Ейкон]] (7) — [[Lonely (песня Эйкона)|Lonely]]; [[Moonshine (Savage song)|Moonshine]] <small>(with [[Savage (rapper)|Savage]])</small>; [[Smack That]] <small>(с [[Эминем]]ом)</small>; [[The Sweet Escape]] <small>(with [[Gwen Stefani]])</small>; [[Don't Matter]]; [[Bartender (песня T-Pain)|Bartender]] <small>(with [[T-Pain]])</small>; [[Sexy Bitch]]
* [[Емінем]] (6) — [[Without Me]]; [[Lose Yourself]]; [[My Band]]; [[Just Lose It]]; [[Smack That]]<small> (с [[Эйкон]]ом)</small>; [[We Made You]]
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