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:: I made a comment on [[Обговорення MediaWiki:Licenses]] some time ago. I'm happy to see that GFDL was removed but I think it could be improved by changing [[Вікіпедія:Майстер_завантаження_файлів]] so it has a big fat "UPLOAD TO COMMONS" and if someone chose to upload locally the I think it is best to use the "self" template if it is own work. That makes it easier to identify files that is own work. If you do have some time to spare perhaps that would be a good place to start?
:: I noticed that there are many files in [[Спеціальна:Невикористані_файли]]. According to [[:c:Commons:Copyright_rules_by_territory/Ukraine#Freedom_of_panorama]] photos of buildings and statues can't be moved to Commons. I wonder if the unused files should be deleted since they are not truely free? --[[Користувач:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Обговорення користувача:MGA73|обговорення]]) 23:26, 19 лютого 2021 (UTC)
::: [[Користувач:MGA73|MGA73]], Ukrainian Wikipedia community decided to harbour files that get deleted on Commons because of lack of freedom of panorama in Ukraine. Something that technically does not makes sense, since ukwiki is still on the same servers that Commons is (or just next to the same in the same building FWIW), but what many people are very passionate about and it is hard to influence that, especially when the files are uploaded as part of Wiki Loves Monuments. So technically they should be deleted mostly, except a few that are used have proper FUR under the local EDP, but… I dream of global image review process which would be able to deal with this local inertia to some extend. As to the Upload Wizard thingy, it actually does have a big red advice when user clicks that it is their own work. I do believe it is impossible to miss, but I guess some people just prefer uploading locally. Some hard negative experience because their files were deleted on Commons, some know English badly and let's be honest [[c:COM:LP]] barely works, some have some other reasons… It all calls for a lot of communication and persuasion of mostly experienced users, it is something that sometimes is very challenging to do. --<ruby>[[User:Base|<span style="color:#860">塩基</span>]]<rt>[[Special:Contribs/Base|<span style="color:#060">Base</span>]]</rt></ruby> 23:43, 19 лютого 2021 (UTC)