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::::: There is common knowledge outside of Wikipedia and a basic search on Google or encyclopedias is more than enough to prove a point in a discussion and reasoning behind an edit. Using the reliable sources which claims are minor or fringe, without representing it as such, is a violation of the NPOV, WEIGHT and BALANCE policy. I have already submitted my source in the edit summary, but could search for more. In short, as already said, the ethnic groups Boykos etymology has various possible etymological derivations, including the possible relation with region Boiki (Bohemia) of White Serbs from DAI which derives from a Celtic tribe of Boii, but it generally it is ''not'' considered in the scholarship nor the region Boykivshchyna has anything to do with Boiki i.e. Bohemia. No, I am Italian-Slovenian and I hardly understand Ukrainian language. - [[Користувач:Miki Filigranski|Miki Filigranski]] ([[Обговорення користувача:Miki Filigranski|обговорення]]) 18:48, 10 квітня 2019 (UTC)
:::::::: I think that much of what you write is true. I have submitted the request in the Forum. Maybe it is necessary to remove the mention and the quotation of the DAI. --[[Користувач:В.Галушко|В.Галушко]] ([[Обговорення користувача:В.Галушко|обговорення]]) 19:04, 10 квітня 2019 (UTC)
::::::::: Нерозуміння української ви пояснюєте тим, що ви Italian-Slovenian. Тим часом ані в італійській, ані у словенській вікі Ви не зробили жодного редагування. Це якось дивно.--[[User talk:Aeou|Aeou]] 19:33, 10 квітня 2019 (UTC)
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