STS-70: відмінності між версіями

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== Примітки ==
==Галерея ==
Image:TDRS-G at KSC.jpg|TDRS-G satellite.
Image:STS-70 Mating.jpg|''Discovery'' being lowered into position to be mated with its [[Space Shuttle external tank|External Fuel tank]].
Image:STS-70 Rollout - GPN-2000-000974.jpg|STS-70 Rollout on its Crawler Transporter with Mobile Launcher Platform to Launch Pad 39B
Image:Space Shuttle STS-70 Launch DSC00001.jpg|[[Space Shuttle Discovery|Space Shuttle ''Discovery'']] ''STS-70'' Launch. Taken with one of the first digital cameras: a [[Nikon E2]].
Image:STS070-701-070 Moonrise.jpg|Moonrise viewed from the orbiter.
Image:STS070-386-027 Thruster.jpg|Thruster firing photographed in support of WINDEX experiment.
Image:STS070-705-094.jpg|Dune fields in Algeria.
Image:S070 TDRSG3.jpg|TDRS moving away following deployment.
Image:STS070-372-004 Crest.jpg|Toothbrush and tube of toothpaste floating in microgravity.
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