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The Selected picture box on the portal chooses one of the following at random when displaying the page. Follow the instructions below for adding or nominating a new picture to the list.



Bhutan related Featured pictures of Bhutan can be added directly to this list without nomination. All other pictures should be nominated first to ensure that we only display our best work on the portal. The procedure for nomination is at the bottom of this page.


{{Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/Layout

Note that the prefix Image: is not required when using this template, also - the template will auto-wikilink the picture entered in the link= field. Further information on this template can be found at Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/Layout.

To add a new pictureРедагувати

  1. Click on the next successive empty entry or red link from this page.
  2. Paste the above layout template if it isn't already there.
  3. Write three or four paragraphs in the text field using information from the selected notable picture, you may find it useful to examine the existing entries for an idea of the length required.
  4. Ensure the main title of the picture is in bold and add this same picture to the link field.
  5. Add a free image and caption.
  6. Preview the page, check that the image size is correct. If the image is too big, add 100px to the size field.
  7. Save the page.
  8. Go to the main Портал:Бутан page.
  9. Click on edit page.
  10. Update "max=" to its new total for the {{Random portal component}} on the main page. The line which is edited is this one: {{Random portal component|max=4|header=Selected picture|subpage=Selected picture}} Make sure that "max=" is the same numerical value as the picture entry added above (i.e. if you added picture 43, then max=43)

Selected pictures listРедагувати

pictures 1 - 14Редагувати

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/1

П'ятий Король Бутану Джігме Кхесар Намг'ял Вангчук

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/2

Льодовикові озера в Бутані

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/3


Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/4


Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/5

Мала панда, яка також живе в Бутані

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/6

Банкнота Бутану в один нгултрум

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/7

Гора Джомолхарі в Бутані

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/8

Терасове рільництво в Бутані

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/9


Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/10

Вид на Гаса-дзонґ

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/11

Чортен Кора

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/12

Долина Хаа

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/13

Монахи в дзонґу Паро

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/14

Непальський калао в Бутані

Портал:Бутан/Selected picture/15

Змагання зі стрільби з луку в Бутані


  • nominations must
  1. be featured pictures (FA), Good pictures (GA), Top or High importance pictures
  2. (optional) have a free-use image available