Панк-метал (також відомий як метал-панк[1]) — узагальнююче поняття, термін, який поєднує різні музичні жанри. Це музика, яка містить як елементи металу, так і панк-року. Часто сплав включає екстремальні жанри металу, наприклад, дез-метал та панк, як наприклад хардкор.

Жанри панк-металуРедагувати


  1. Darkthrone Ready To Cut New Track 'Hiking Metal Punx' Later This Month. ultimate-guitar.com. 23 жовтня 2008. Архів оригіналу за 26 березня 2012. Процитовано 8 січня 2008. «There's much more punk on "The Cult Is Alive" (2006), and this one has more heavy metal in it...Also, many of our non symphonic riffs have a punk vibe to them. We are metalpunk; it's a small genre, but important none the less.» 
  2. Shai Hulud, interview with Punknews.org - 05/28/08. Архів оригіналу за 14 лютого 2012. Процитовано 21 вересня 2008. «As far as coining the term “metalcore” or coining a sound, I don’t think we did. There were bands before Shai Hulud started that my friends and I were referring to as “metalcore.” Bands like Burn, Deadguy, Earth Crisis, even Integrity. These bands that were heavier than the average hardcore bands. These bands that were more progressive than the average hardcore band. My friends and I would always refer to them as “metalcore” because it wasn’t purely hardcore and it wasn’t purely metal. It was like a heavier hardcore band with hardcore ethics and attitude but clearly a metal influence. So we would joke around and say “Hey, it’s metalcore. Cool!” But it was definitely a tongue-in-cheek term.» 
  3. Pop/Jazz Listings (англійською). The New York Times. October 5, 2007. Архів оригіналу за 26 березня 2012. Процитовано 1 травня 2010. «The shorthand term for the kind of rock descending from early Black Sabbath and late Black Flag is sludge, because it's so slow and dense.» 
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