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Залісся and Ясенівці (Золочівський район Львівської області)Редагувати

Hello! I am seeking detailed information on the history of the villages of Ясенівці and Залісся (Золочівський район). They may be in Ukrainian or Russian. The only information I've got come from Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego 1880-1902 (which I linked to the proper Wiki entries). I would be grateful if you translated the English text inserted here: Залісся (Золочівський район) and Ясенівці into Ukrainian and wrote the article on the churches in these villages as well as expand the articles themselves.. Maybe you have any photos? There is no information in the Internet. So far, the largest source on them is here... I would like to get to know a person of a similar interest to exchange information. I have written the articles about: Złoczów, Zamek w Złoczowie, Zamek w Olesku, Sassów, Majdan Gołogórski, Gołogóry (miasto), Woroniaki, Lackie Wielkie, Boniszyn (available in the Polish section of Вікіпедія). Thank you.. Have a nice evening! Jaromir. --Riva72 16:58, 29 грудня 2006 (UTC)

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