«Нарко: Мексика» (ісп. Narcos: Mexico) — американський телесеріал, випущений студією Netflix 16 листопада 2018 року. Творцями серіалу виступили Кріс Бранкато, Карло Бернард і Даг Міро.

Нарко: Мексика
Тип телесеріал і Narcoseried
Телеканал(и) Netflix
Дистриб'ютор(и) Netflix
Жанр кінодрамаd
Керівник проекту Carlo Bernardd і Doug Mirod
Виконавчий продюсер Carlo Bernardd, Doug Mirod, Eric Newmand і José Padilhad
У головних ролях Майкл Пенья, Дієго Луна, Matt Letscherd, Tenoch Huertad, Joaquín Cosío Osunad, Teresa Ruizd, Alyssa Diazd і José María Yazpikd
Композитор Келвін Кінерd
Країна-виробник Flag of the United States.svg США і Flag of Mexico.svg Мексика
Перша поява 16 листопада 2018
Кількість сезонів 2
Кількість серій 20

Спочатку проект планувався як 4-й сезон «Нарко», але в підсумку став окремим серіалом. Події розгортаються, в основному, в Мексиці і присвячені торгівлі наркотиками і нарковійні[1].

5 грудня 2018 року серіал був продовжений на 2-й сезон[2]. Прем'єра другого сезону відбулася на Netflix 13 лютого 2020 року[3].


Дія 1-го сезону відбувається в 1980-х роках, в Мексиці. Сюжет розгортається навколо протистояння УБН і тільки-тільки зароджених мексиканських наркокартелів. Головними дійовими особами є агент УБН Кікі Камарена (Майкл Пенья) і лідер картеля Гвадалахари Мігель Анхель Фелікс Гальярдо (Дієго Луна)[1].


Сезон Епізоди Оригінальні покази
Прем'єра Фінал
1 10 16 листопада 2018 TBA
2 10 13 лютого 2020 TBA

Season 1 (2018)Редагувати

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Назва серіїРежисер(и)Сценарист(и)Оригінальна дата показу
11 «Camelot» Джозеф Кубота ВладикаЕрік Ньюман, Клейтон Трасселл16 листопада 2018
В 1980 році, під час спецоперації мексиканських військових із зачистки околиць Сіналоа від накоторговців, амбітний поліцейський Мігель Анхель Фелікс Гальярдо вирішує створити наркоімперію в Гвадалахарі. В той самий час молодого агента УБН Кікі Камарену відправляють в Гвадалахару для подальшого проходження служби. 
22 «The Plaza System» Джозеф Кубота ВладикаКарло Бернард, Даг Міро16 листопада 2018
A horse is shot in the first minutes of episode. Rafa studies a new type of marijuana which can only be grown in the desert. Problems arise when there appears to be a lack of water for cultivation leading Rafa to confront and threaten the geology professor who helped to locate the land. Frustrated and drunk, Rafa eventually turns to throwing explosives in dug-out holes, happening to discover a source of water. Félix continues his meetings to reach an agreement with the plazas but a humiliated and stubborn Avilés refuses to make amends with Acosta and condemns Félix to death after the deal falls apart. As they both are traveling back to Sinaloa, they are intercepted by the police, who kill Avilés, putting Félix at the head of the Guadalajara cartel. 
33 «El Padrino» Andrés BaizAshley Lyle & Bart Nickerson16 листопада 2018
Kiki, after realizing the high level of corruption, undertakes a dangerous undercover operation on his own in the plantation camps. After reaching the desired agreement, Félix, Rafa and Don Neto become the bosses of a drug empire. Félix organizes a wedding party for one of his best friends, a son of the Governor, at which he forces an end to the conflict between Nava and the Arellano brothers. 
44 «Rafa, Rafa, Rafa!» Andrés BaizScott Teems16 листопада 2018
After months, Kiki and his men try to arrest the narcos without success. Félix remains in an unsafe position for the reckless actions of Rafa who conspired with Sofia, his lover, to organize a fake kidnapping, unleashing a manhunt by Sofia's father, an important political figure in Mexico City. To ensure Rafa's safety, Félix agrees to do a favor for Nava, whom he had previously refused. After following through with the favor, Félix is beaten by Nava's men to make clear who is in charge. 
55 «The Colombian Connection» Амат ЕскалантеAndy Black16 листопада 2018
The investigations endanger Kiki's wife but he is convinced to continue his job. Kiki infiltrates Felix's office in order to obtain financial documents and with his men plan to arrest him in the United States. After the routing of the cocaine shipments through the Bahamas was blocked by the United States, Félix makes contact with the Colombian cartels and reach an agreement with the Cali Cartel of the Orejuela brothers. Following the meeting, Pablo Escobar warns Felix and proposes another deal, half and half with him and Cali. 
66 «La Última Frontera» Амат ЕскалантеJessie Nickson-Lopez & Clayton Trussell16 листопада 2018
The war of marijuana trafficking between Rafa and Falcón continues. The pressure on Félix is increased after the deal with politics is not closed. The DEA set up a trap using one of Félix's American associates to make contact and lure him to the US on the pretense of signing documents to protect his financial interests. Isabella is able to reach an agreement with Falcón before she finds that decisions have already been made regarding his fate. When Félix is ready to cross the Mexican border, he receives a call from Zuno, a high-ranking political figure warning him of the trap. Kiki cannot intervene and returns home frustrated and disillusioned. 
77 «Jefe de Jefes» Alonzo RuizspalaciosШаблон:StoryTeleplay16 листопада 2018
Rafa is out of control as his cocaine use continues. He begins to attract attention when one night in a club, shots are fired after seeing Sofia with Amado. Don Neto is grieving his son, who is killed in an altercation outside a disco. Paranoia starts to get to Rafa leading him and others to brutally murder two American tourists, convinced the DEA had sent them to spy on him. Félix organizes a reunion to place new orders and territories excluding Isabella who does not take it well. Afterwards, Nava attempts to intimidate Félix before the latter murders him as Azul watches. 
88 «Just Say No» Alonzo RuizspalaciosDoug Miro16 листопада 2018
The DEA agents and the Mexican army penetrate the marijuana plantation, confiscating and burning the entire crop, making it one of the greatest drug busts of all time. In doing so, it begins a war with Rafa, who manages to escape with the help of Chapo and his men. A confused Félix goes to Mexico City to seek guidance on the how to deal with Kiki, all the while Azul persuades Rafa to order the kidnapping of Kiki and Don Neto is too late to intervene. 
99 «881 Lope de Vega» Andrés BaizClayton Trussell16 листопада 2018
As Kiki is interrogated and tortured, Mika reports his disappearance to Jaime. Knowing there will be a manhunt for Rafa, Félix tells him to flee the country and so he leaves with Sofia for Costa Rica. Jaime is sent in circles by the Mexican police system and an angry Mika confronts Ed Heath. A new police chief is appointed to the operation but, after intercepting Rafa at the airport runway, allows his escape. Elsewhere, Félix manages to escape arrest after being informed by Azul on an imminent raid. An anonymous tip to the DEA regarding Rafa's whereabouts leads to his arrest and information on Kiki's location. Don Neto visits Félix and it is revealed that, knowing his empire was in danger, Félix made the anonymous tip. 
1010 «Leyenda» Andrés BaizCarlo Bernard16 листопада 2018
After a week, Jaime and the DEA agents find the body of Kiki Camarena near a ranch. Neto leaves Guadalajara and goes into hiding by the coast. Félix returns to Sinaloa and asks the Governor for refuge which is only achieved with a large payment deal. Isabella persuades Benjamín to take what is left of the cartel. The Governor betrays Félix and the police ambush him when he is about to leave. However, Félix is able to make an agreement with the commander, allowing him to be politically protected. Neto is found and arrested, knowing he had been betrayed by Félix. Azul informs Félix of a new meeting in Ensenada which he gatecrashes, presenting the new deal with the politicians and taking leadership again, kicking Isabella out in the process. The DEA begins Operation Leyenda in Mexico to put an end to the Guadalajara Cartel. 

Season 2 (2020)Редагувати

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Назва серіїРежисер(и)Сценарист(и)Оригінальна дата показу
111 «Salva El Tigre» Andrés BaizCarlo Bernard & Johnny Newman13 лютого 2020
Several months after the arrests of Don Neto and Caro, Félix celebrates his fortieth birthday with the heads of his plazas. Félix meets with the Cali Cartel's Pacho Herrera to request payment for debts they owe him, as he has been keeping his organization operating with his own funds. Herrera rejects his request citing the increased seizures due to the Americans targeting him following Camarena's execution. Isabella travels to Colombia to acquire her own supply of cocaine. DEA agent Walt Breslin begins Operation Leyenda by kidnapping Delgado, the physician who aided in the torture of Kiki Camarena by keeping him awake with adrenaline, and forcing the doctor to give up the name of the torturer Sergio Verdín, a DFS agent. Breslin's team then kidnaps Verdín on the streets in a gunfight. 
122 «Alea Iacta Est» Амат ЕскалантеEric Newman & Eva Aridjis13 лютого 2020
Félix travels to meet with Juan Nepomuceno Guerra, head of the Gulf Cartel that primarily deals in opium, to make a new partnership and create a monopoly on the import of cocaine into America and take away options from the Colombian cartels. Breslin tortures Verdín, but Verdín has been trained to resist torture and only breaks once he is shot in the gut. He gives them the name of the owner of the estate where Camarena was tortured: Rubén Zuno Arce. 
133 «Ruben Zuno Arce» Амат ЕскалантеClayton Trussell13 лютого 2020
Zuno goes into hiding in Puerto Vallarta with a heavily armed guard provided by his uncle, Mexico's Secretary of Defense. Operation Leyenda then scare Zuno into fleeing from his guarded estate, where they divert his jet to Texas and he is arrested. Meanwhile, Amado helps Acosta end a feud that was keeping Acosta from helping complete the runways. Tensions rise between the Sinaloa and the Tijuana plazas when Félix imposes a tax on Sinaloa to transport through Tijuana. 
144 «The Big Dig» Marcela SaidDoug Miro & Alec Ziff13 лютого 2020
Zuno gives the DEA the names of his uncle and Félix as those that knew about Camarena's kidnap and execution, but then denies his statements in front of the Grand Jury, effectively putting an end to Operation Leyenda as an official investigation into Camarena's death. Following a plane owned by CIA-backed arms smuggler Juan Matta-Ballesteros being shot down on its way to the Nicaraguan Contras, Félix meets with the CIA to offer his assistance. Matta is subsequently given up by the Mexican government as an act of compliance with the United States efforts to stop the drug trade following Zuno's arrest, and Félix takes over Matta's routes for the CIA. Sinaloan El Chapo takes matters into his own hands and buys property outside Tijuana on both sides of the US–Mexico border with the intentions of building a tunnel. Isabella makes a deal with Enedina Arellano Félix of the Tijuana plaza to transport her cocaine behind Félix Gallardo's back. 
155 «AFO» Marcela SaidCarlo Bernard & Clayton Trussell & Johnny Newman13 лютого 2020
Breslin and his team learn of the escalating conflict between the Sinaloa and Tijuana plazas. The Sinaloans pull their product from Tijuana and begin taking it through the tunnel, which is then discovered by the DEA team. Breslin's team then leaks the information to the Tijuana plaza who retaliates by destroying the tunnel and executing everyone at the tunnel with El Chapo escaping through the other end of the tunnel. Félix takes Amado to meet with the Cali Cartel in Panama to enforce his monopoly on the cocaine transportation and get into the direct sale of the product in America utilizing Amado and his airstrips in Ciudad Juárez. However, Félix is betrayed by Guerra who made a deal directly with the Colombians to transport cocaine. To cover his surprise, he asks the cartel for as much cocaine as they could supply and agrees to transport about 70 tons. 
166 «El Dedazo» Andrés BaizCarlo Bernard13 лютого 2020
In need of transportation for the cocaine, Amado begins purchasing jets. Breslin's team learns of the meeting in Panama and follow Amado to an auction and place trackers on the jets he purchased. Using the trackers, they find the runway outside Juárez. Following a failed assassination attempt on him by Guerra, Félix goes to Sinaloa to try and visit his ex-wife and children. The Tijuana and Sinaloa plazas agree to make peace, but upon learning of the attempt on Félix, Benjamín Arellano Félix uses the leverage to instead execute Sinaloan Cochiloco. 
177 «Truth and Reconciliation» Амат ЕскалантеClayton Trussell13 лютого 2020
The head of the Sinaloa plaza, Palma, calls the head of the Juárez plaza, Acosta, and proposes they join together against Félix, but is recorded by Aguilar, the corrupt DFS commander that had been working with Acosta and Amado in Juárez. Félix then orders Azul to execute Palma. Palma escapes after his wife is tipped off by her lover Clavel, Félix's chauffeur. Meanwhile, Acosta meets with Breslin about a deal that would get him out of the trafficking business in return for Félix Gallardo. Félix initiates a plan to gain influence with the new PRI presidential candidate in the 1988 election utilizing the new polling computers to sway public perception on election day. 
188 «Se Cayó El Sistema» Амат ЕскалантеDoug Miro13 лютого 2020
Acosta goes to the American press and gives an interview on the trafficking through Mexico, leading to multiple parties looking to hunt him down. Breslin finds Acosta in a small border town to give him an immunity deal, but Acosta is killed in a joint DFS and FBI assault on the town. Félix is in Mexico City overseeing the election results with the computers displaying false results from the polling stations leading to a lower voter turnout, but they crash the system when others get suspicious. Félix then makes his plazas go to the polling stations and alter the tally results of the election for a PRI win. They burn the physical ballots afterwards. Herrera informs Félix his 70 tons of coke are ready for pickup and Amado must rush to get his planes ready in time; Amado then finds the trackers on the planes. 
199 «Growth, Prosperity, and Liberation» Andrés BaizClayton Trussell13 лютого 2020
Félix reconciles with his ex-wife Maria. Amado picks up the cocaine in Chiapas, but stays behind when the planes are sent to Juárez. Breslin and his team intercept the planes at the runway and attempt to burn the coke, but is discovered to be fake. They are ambushed and most of the team is killed. The real shipment makes it to Juárez the next day where Félix splits it evenly among the plazas and Breslin gets reassigned. 
2010 «Free Trade» Andrés BaizCarlo Bernard13 лютого 2020
Twenty tons of the Colombian's cocaine is seized by the DEA in Sylmar, California, which Félix then uses as leverage to have the Colombians give him cocaine for retail in America on top of being their primary transporter. Following the requests of the plaza bosses, Félix grants Palma clemency for his planned betrayal, but has Clavel murder Palma's wife and throw his children off a bridge as a message to the bosses. Maria then kicks Félix out of the house and forbids him from seeing his children again. At a meeting of the plazas, Félix informs the bosses of their new goal of setting up sales and distribution in the United States. All the plaza bosses then withdraw from the federation with the Arellano Félix family forming the Tijuana Cartel; Azul, Palma and Chapo forming the Sinaloa Cartel; and Amado and Aguilar leading the Juárez Cartel. The Tijuana Cartel uses Isabella's contact in Colombia to source their own supply of cocaine and cut her out of the business, while Amado contacted Herrera directly to give the Cali Cartel another option to transport their supply through Mexico. Félix is then arrested at home as a signal by the Mexican government that they were complying with the effort to end drug trafficking and get included in what would become NAFTA. Breslin meets Félix in prison, who then proceeds to outline the upcoming chaos that will be caused by the disputes among the new cartels that eventually leads into the Mexican Drug War

У роляхРедагувати


Виробництво 4-го сезону серіалу «Нарко» почалося в кінці 2017 року. 18 липня 2018 року компанія Netflix оголосила, що 4-й сезон «Нарко» буде самостійним проектом і вийде під назвою «Нарко: Мексика»[1].

У грудні 2017 року Майкл Пенья і Дієго Луна були оголошені виконавцями головних ролей[4]. Через кілька днів до акторського складу приєднався Метт Летчер[5]. У травні 2018 року до складу приєдналися Теноч Уерта Мехія, Хоакін Косіо, Тереса Руїс, Алісса Діаз і Хосе Марія Яспік[6].

Прем'єрний показ серіалу відбувся 16 листопада 2018 року[7].

Показ в УкраїніРедагувати

В Україні прем'єрний показ першого сезону серіалу з українським дубляжем тривав з 11 по 15 травня 2020 року на телеканалі НТН.


На відміну від серіалу, в реальності Фелікс Гальярдо особисто наказав захопити Кікі Камарену[8].

Нагороди та номінаціїРедагувати

Нагороди і номінації телесеріалу «Нарко: Мексика»[9]
Премія Категорія Ім'я Результат
Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2018 (англ.) Краща чоловіча роль у драматичному серіалі Дієго Луна Номінація
Motion Picture Sound Editors 2019 Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing — Dialogue and ADR for Episodic Long Form Media Broadcast Ренді Акерсон, Томас Уайтінг, Давид Паділья (за 8-й епізод 1-го сезону) Номінація
Премія Гільдії сценаристів США 2018 Episodic Drama Ерік Ньюман, Клейтон Трасселл (за 1-й епізод 1-го сезону) Номінація

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