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{{Football squad}} is designed to be used within squad list templates (typically placed at the bottom of a player page) in order to make editing and standardisation easier. If you want to use this template first set up a new template for your squad, typically called something like Template:(team name) squad.

Templates useful for formatting the list are:

  • {{football squad2 player}} — takes parameters «no» (number) and «name» (player name).
  • {{football squad lastplayer}} — same as above, but without a trailing bullet mark. Use this only as the last entry on a list.
  • {{football squad manager}} — takes the parameter «name» (manager name) and the optional parameter «title» (defaults to «Manager»). Has no bullet mark afterward, use only as the last entry on a list.
{{football squad
 |teamname=Норвіч Сіті
 |list =<div>
{{football squad2 player|no=1|name=[[Грін Роберт|Грін]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=2|name=[[Луї-Жан Матьє|Луї-Жан]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=3|name=[[Друрі Адам|Друрі]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=4|name=[[Шакелл Джейсон|Шакелл]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=5|name=[[Флемінг Крейг|Флемінг]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=6|name=[[Гакербі Даррен|Гаккербі]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=8|name=[[Торн Пітер|Торн]]}}
{{football squad lastplayer|no=10|name=[[Ірншоу Роберт|Ірншоу]]}}