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→‎GFDL: AlexKozur, ping тут. Не можу запам'ятати що ти без пробіла :)
м (→‎GFDL: AlexKozur, ping тут. Не можу запам'ятати що ти без пробіла :))
:::: Hmmm okay well if they can't be deleted then the second best would be to add a template with "NoCommons" or "NoFoP" so that it is easy to spot the files that are not eligible for Commons.
:::: But there is no reason to pick hard battles if there are easier wins. If you think there is a chance to get [[MediaWiki:Licenses]] changed thats a start. And if not there is always the option that I just move some free files that does not show buildings or statues :-) On one wiki I have tried for 10 years to get them to delete files without a license. Then one month ago they deleted like 500 files. At least uk.wiki does not have a bunch of unlicensed files. --[[Користувач:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Обговорення користувача:MGA73|обговорення]]) 23:53, 19 лютого 2021 (UTC)
::::: [[Користувач:MGA73|MGA73]], yes, some of them should already have those templates, but I guess not all of them and it is indeed a good idea to fix this. We used to have bots marking files without license (perhaps we have one now too, not sure if it still runs), and for the last decade there are some users that dedicate their time to tag the most obvious violations, I used to be active in this area as well, though that mostly was about 5 years ago. But there is relatively little manpower in this taskforce, so some files without proper license or source and author indicated do occasionally sneak in. We used to have an automated process for moving files: [[c:User:UWCTransferBot|User:UWCTransferBot]] automatically moves files tagged with Move to Commons and category specified if the last edit was made by a number of whitelisted trusted users. The problem is that for the last year or so the bot is broken, most likely because of some change in the action API. It uses rather old PHP framework for moving files, so it is easier to rewrite it than fix (I tried to do the latter and failed). Now there are also FileImporter/FileExporter extensions that probably has some API, but I did not really explore this yet. The whitelist of users is needed because we have some users among active contributors who were suspected of copyright laundering and similar issues in the past. Sometimes also the description needs to be updated lest file gets deleted on Commons for the lack of some information that is actually easily inferred from what is already there. For this reason just trusting everyone with the move is unfortunately not an option, at least not for the bot. Some wikis are challenging indeed, I remember trying to remove an unfree image (I have local images highlighted with a script: <syntaxhighlight lang="javascript" inline>mw.loader.load('//meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Base/highlightLocalImgs.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');</syntaxhighlight>) from some Wikipedia's mainpage which clearly violates Licensing policy, but then ended up being reverted by an admin and it is just something that leaves you speechless, unless you are ready to in fact go to other extremity and give the full lecture on licensing and why people should care… As for changing the Licenses thing, I am fairly positive we would need a discussion to do that. [[User:NickK|NickK]], [[User:Mykola7|Mykola7]], [[User:Alex KozurAlexKozur|Alex KozurAlexKozur]], would you be willing to start one? --<ruby>[[User:Base|<span style="color:#860">塩基</span>]]<rt>[[Special:Contribs/Base|<span style="color:#060">Base</span>]]</rt></ruby> 00:15, 20 лютого 2021 (UTC)