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'''PKP Group''' ({{lang-pl|Grupa PKP}}) — a [[Польща|Polish]] [[Конгломерат (економіка)|conglomerate]] founded in 2001 from the former single national rail operator, Polskie Koleje Państwowe. The purpose of this change was to match [[Європейський Союз]] directives of dividing transport service from rail system management and founding separate companies able to sell their service outside the rail business.
It consists of the following companies, of which [[Польські державні залізниці|PKP]] SA has the dominant position:
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!Company name
|[[Польські державні залізниці]] S. A.
|Dominating company
|[[PKP Intercity]]
|Intercity passenger transport
|PKP [[Швидкісна міська залізниця у Тримісті|Szybka Kolej Miejska]]
|Passenger transport within the [[Тримісто|Tricity]] conurbation
|[[PKP Cargo]] ({{WSE|PKP|PLPKPCR00011}})
|Freight transport, company is owned by the PKP S.A. (50 % + 1 share) and private investors
|[[PKP LHS|PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa]]
|Freight transport on the [[Металургійна ширококолійна лінія (LHS)]]
|[[PKP Telekomunikacja Kolejowa]]
|Rail telecommunication
|[[PKP Energetyka]]
|Rail energetics
|[[PKP Informatyka]]
|IT services
|[[PKP PLK|PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe]]
|Rail lines management
PKP Group announced plans to privatise some subsidiaries, including:
* [[PKP Intercity]], a passenger transport operator;
* [[PKP Energetyka]], an electricity supplier;
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