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частина Парижу на північному березі Сени
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The arrondissements of Paris, with the river Seine bisecting the city. The Rive Droite is the northern half.

La Rive Droite (фр. вимова: [la ʁiv dʁwat], The Right Bank) is most associated with the river Seine in central Paris. Here the river flows roughly westwards, cutting the city into two: looking downstream, the northern bank is to the right, and the southern bank (or Rive Gauche) is to the left.[1]

Owing to its association with places such as Place Vendôme, the Right Bank can now be used to refer to a level of elegance and sophistication not found in the more bohemian Left Bank. The Right Bank's most famous street is the Champs-Élysées, but there are others of prominence, such as Rue de la Paix, Rue de Rivoli and Avenue Montaigne.

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